Sunday, July 26, 2009

International Masi Love

I just returned from a sales meeting in Melbourne Australia with our distributor there- Pacific Brands- and their retailers. It was a great visit, albeit short, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

Being in Australia really helped to solidify the recognition of the fact that Masi is a global brand and that we have customers and fans around the world. The following emails and pictures push that fact home even further;
(From Bas in the Netherlands...)

Hey Tim,

A while ago you replied to my question about the size of a Speciale Sprint. I ended up ordering a 60cm and it took a few weeks to build it up, but I still owed you a few shots from it. Guess that for now it's still one of the very few Masi's in the European Union... :-)

For my work I travel around Europe and the bike happened to be finished just before a week long trip to southern Italy, so I decided to bring it along. When I took it out of it's travel bag on the sidewalk out front of the hotel the maitre d' of the hotel restaurant exclaimed "Spettacolare!", which is probably the best way to summarize how I feel about the bike.

There are still some minor cosmetical changes that I'd like to make to the bike (shortening the steerer tube, front wheel laced radially, etc.), but in general it's running as smooth as butter.

(From Mark Williamson, in Fremantle Australia)

Hi Tim

Just a quick message to say a big thanks for coming all the way over to the Pacific Brands 2010 trade show in Melbourne, it is not often that we get the chance to speak to the guys behind the product we sell. Not sure if you would remember me as you would have spoken to allot of store owners that day. I was the guy that suggested putting Campy Chorus or record on the Black steel _____ bike.

Any way the new range looks fantastic and my staff and I are looking forward the new models coming in store.

I have attached a picture of my pride and joy. I hope you like it ?

Many thanks again.

Regards Mark Williamson

Bike force Fremantle

Thanks to both Bas and Mark for helping to remind us of our (growing) international following. It's nice to step out of our little fishbowl once in awhile.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bike Love- Jake Rytlewski

Jake Rytlewski is one of the main riders for the Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy team that we proudly sponsor. Jake's a monster on the bike and is FAR stronger than his size would make you believe. Anyway, Jake is one helluva rider and has been around a few bikes during his racing career, so he's reasonably qualified to offer opinions on bikes- especially at the level he rides for a living.

Jake was recently on vacation and had his bike with him and sent the following email and picture;

Hey Tim,

I was on vacation this past weekend in Northern Michigan and I took this pretty cool photo
of my bike with the Mackinac Bridge. Thought you might like to see it. I really like the ride of the bike, and look isn't that bad either.

Jake Rytlewski

How cool is that?

Thanks Jake- here's to hoping that the healed collar bone stays healed and that the rest of the season is filled with more wins!


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SoulVille- the two-wheeled SUV of your dreams!

Gas prices have been coming down in most places across the US, but with many of us still watching our expenses or simply trying to "think green", driving a few blocks (or even a few miles) to the local market is becoming less desirable.

Our SoulVille series of bikes are simply perfect for all those countless short-run errands many of us face daily or weekly. With the rack mounts, the SoulVille bikes are prefect for those trips to the market or the local farmer's market for fresh produce.

Why crank up the car and burn fuel when you can hit the road in style, save a few bucks and maybe even keep the planet around a little longer? With four fantastic models to choose from, the SoulVille series has something for everybody!

SoulVille/SS- single (or fixed) bliss!

SoulVille 3spd (mixte or "standard" frames available)- internally geared, simple, elegant and SO much fun to ride!

SoulVille 7spd- available in both Golden Green and Gloss Black in standard and mixte frame designs. Internal gears and coaster brake- low maintenance simplicity for urban living!

SoulVille 10spd- when you need more gear options and/ or want to ride a bit farther, the SoulVille 10 is a 10!


Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Chromesprints are GO!

Last weekend, the Velo City Tour blasted into San Francisco and our good friends over at Chrome Bags were on the receiving end of the fun. The folks at Chrome do a fine job of detailing the activities- which look like they were amazingly fun (which leads to much jealousy here)- so I'll let them do the talking here.

Billy Souphorse Sinkford lays it down thusly;

Photo; Chrome

The Velo City Tour rolled through San Francisco this weekend in a flurry of bike related activity. The pre-party held at Chrome had over 300 folks attend- messengers and city bikers alike. At the party the centerpiece was the Chromesprints set up projecting on to the big screen. We raced over 60 people for 3 hours of mayhem. The wheels kept spinning till we had a winner who walked away with a new Warsaw backpack from Chrome Bags filled with beer and a cruiser bike from New Belgium Beer. Everyone had a great time and we look forward to doing it again soon. Stay tuned to the Chrome Bike Bulletin for news about upcoming events. Thanks to Masi Bikes for all the help and the bikes and to New Belgium for providing the 6 kegs we blew through during the night.

Dang! That sounds like more fun that a barrel of monkeys... monkeys with accordions and those little funny hats! To see more of the pictures from the night, check out the Chrome Dispatch photostream on Flickr.

Stay tuned for more updates on the Velo City Tour and the Chromesprints- and keep your eyes peeled for the black Chrome van cruising your streets.

Photo; Chrome