Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Coltello = Legal Speed!

The Masi Coltello is an amazing machine- a pure bred track frameset with a need for going really, really fast. The geometry is designed for steep tracks and immediate responses to rider input- the high bottom bracket is perfect for steep banked tracks so that you don't smack a pedal when deep in the turns or while maneuvering through the field.

The aluminum tubing used on the frame is plenty aero and even more importantly incredibly stiff. The rectangular chainstays provide massive stiffness for sprinting power with zero flex. The aero, teardropped shape of the seat stays provides stiffness and is aero enough to not slow you down when off the front in clean air. With the large aero shaped downtube and seat tube, the entire frame is slippery enough to be efficient in the wind when the smallest of margins can be the difference between first and second.

Another frame feature that aids the Coltello's dominance of the velodrome is the shaped top tube with the groove that runs the entire length of the tube top and bottom. This shaping helps the top tube resist the massive forces riders place on a frame when sprinting out of the saddle- especially when using steel or oversized carbon sprint bars. We also use an aluminum steer tube on the carbon leg fork to further minimize flex in the front of the frame- let's face it, flex means power loss and power loss is a bad thing in track racing.

What do all these design features mean? It means that the frames are incredibly stiff and aero enough to be ridden at the highest levels of the sport... all with a price that actually leaves you with enough money to actually afford some great race wheels and a few entry fees. And for all the riders looking for an urban fixed gear frame with more stiffness for aggressive riding, the Coltello will deliver more than just a little style with all that stiffness.

So if you're looking for a quality aluminum track frameset that can beat the super expensive carbon framesets to the finish line, or an urban frameset that will stand up to all the abuse you can possibly apply to the pedals... the Coltello is the answer to your search.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

They're here!!!!

At long last, the Masi Retro jersey is now in stock and ready to ship as I type! Visit your local retailer to order now before this first round batch is all gone (second round order will be going in fairly soon).

Pertinent details;
Made for us by the fine folks at Canari Cyclewear
Made with DryCore material and a full zipper
Sizing runs SM, MD, LG, XL and XXL
Fit is the "relaxed" fit- slightly looser, but not baggy
*MSRP* - $65.00

The first round is likely to sell out quickly, so grab one now... or be patient for the second batch!

MSRP may vary from retailer to retailer and does not take into consideration any shipping/ handling fees that may be associated. Check with your retailer for details.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Masi to the moon?

Got a great email from a member of the Masi Owners Family- Joe Marinelli;

Hey Tim,

I did a ride today where I got to go to some area's of the Kennedy Space Center that aren't open to the public and snapped this photo with my camera. Thought you might enjoy it.
That launch pad in the background actually has a shuttle and boosters mated up to it that are going to launch this week.

- Joe

I love this kind of email and I thank Joe for sending the note and the pic.


Thursday, October 15, 2009

Masi Bellissima on!

We always love a little kindness from our friends at the various cycling publications around the globe... who wouldn't, right?

Well, this is a pretty sweet little snapshot of that love...

Bicycling came by the booth during Interbike this year and checked out the new Bellissima series of women's road bikes we're so proud of. We're very proud of our bikes, of course, but it's great to see that Bicycling "gets" what our bikes are about- we don't sacrifice the geometry that we have spent years developing just to fit a smaller rider. We hold fast to the firm belief that fitting a woman or other smaller rider to a bike shouldn't mean compromising what you believe works for a "men's bike". Our bikes are still built around geometries that we believe produce a balanced and enjoyable riding experience, but we make them suitable to smaller riders by using shorter stems, shorter crank arms, narrower bars, zero offset seatposts and brake levers with shorter reach. The net result is a bike that fits smaller riders without having to use geometries that don't fit with our philosophy of "it's all about the ride".

Thank you to for coming by the booth in Vegas and checking out the bikes- we hope that all of you will be as impressed with the bikes as Bicycling was (and we'll get working on that review they hint at too).

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Outdoor Demo East

Alright, all you bike loving- especially Masi loving- New Englanders. This week is Outdoor Demo East in Providence, Rhode Island at Roger Williams Park. We- Masi and Haro- will be there with a full fleet of demo bikes to test ride. The first two days of the event are open to the bike trade only, but Saturday and Sunday are open to the public. So come on out and test ride a Masi, or Haro, and say howdy. While you're there, grab a catalog to take home and mark your favorite/s bike/s down for Santa to bring you for Christmas... you have been good, right?