Thursday, October 15, 2009

Masi Bellissima on!

We always love a little kindness from our friends at the various cycling publications around the globe... who wouldn't, right?

Well, this is a pretty sweet little snapshot of that love...

Bicycling came by the booth during Interbike this year and checked out the new Bellissima series of women's road bikes we're so proud of. We're very proud of our bikes, of course, but it's great to see that Bicycling "gets" what our bikes are about- we don't sacrifice the geometry that we have spent years developing just to fit a smaller rider. We hold fast to the firm belief that fitting a woman or other smaller rider to a bike shouldn't mean compromising what you believe works for a "men's bike". Our bikes are still built around geometries that we believe produce a balanced and enjoyable riding experience, but we make them suitable to smaller riders by using shorter stems, shorter crank arms, narrower bars, zero offset seatposts and brake levers with shorter reach. The net result is a bike that fits smaller riders without having to use geometries that don't fit with our philosophy of "it's all about the ride".

Thank you to for coming by the booth in Vegas and checking out the bikes- we hope that all of you will be as impressed with the bikes as Bicycling was (and we'll get working on that review they hint at too).

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