Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Feast your eyes on the beauty!

Fresh off of a very successful Interbike, we are very pleased to announce that the website here has been updated with all of the new products shown there at the show in Vegas.

Feel free to stroll through the bikes here and feast your eyes on the amazing beauty of the very best line-up of bikes we've ever put together. We are confident you will be impressed with the collection of bikes you see here.

A downloadable pdf of the new catalog will be available very soon as well- so stay tuned. Also, the much awaited web store will be coming online and functioning in the coming days. AND... the Masi Retro jerseys will be IN STOCK in the next few days, so get ready to ride with pride!


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy at USPro National Championships

This past weekend was the USPro National Championships in Greenville, South Carolina. The racing over the two days was amazing and hard fought with very worthy winners receiving stars and stripes jerseys in the time trial and road race events.

Dave Zabriskie of Garmin-Slipstream was the jersey winner- for the 4th time- in the time trial on Saturday, but Kenda's very own Matt Winstead (of Huntsville, AL) rode to a very impressive 11th place against a field of very motivated TT specialists. I met Matt during the team's training camp in Greenville last January and I can honestly say he's a great guy and tough rider who really earned that 11th place. Also in the TT for the Kenda boys, was newcomer Chris Monteleone who had previously been riding for the US National Team and finished a very respectable 20th.

(Matt Winstead heading for 11th... with a smile, no less.)

(Chris Monteleone about to launch himself down the start ramp.)

Sunday saw an emotional win in the road race by George Hincapie of Columbia-HTC as the early heat and later the rain added to the rapid attrition of the field. The multiple climbs up Paris Mountain continually cut the field apart and only the tough and determined made it to the finish. One of those riders making it to the finish was Kenda tough man Jake Rytlewski in 19th. Jake fought hard and stayed with an elite group of chasers in the closing laps of the race, proving his hard-as-nails reputation.

(Jake Rytlewski doing what he does best- riding hard in tough conditions.)

We're very proud of our boys in pinstripes and we're looking forward to seeing more strong results as the season comes to a close and in the future.

Check out this nice mention of the team on as well.


(All photos with the permission of James Thomas of Bicycle Design.)