Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SoulVille- the two-wheeled SUV of your dreams!

Gas prices have been coming down in most places across the US, but with many of us still watching our expenses or simply trying to "think green", driving a few blocks (or even a few miles) to the local market is becoming less desirable.

Our SoulVille series of bikes are simply perfect for all those countless short-run errands many of us face daily or weekly. With the rack mounts, the SoulVille bikes are prefect for those trips to the market or the local farmer's market for fresh produce.

Why crank up the car and burn fuel when you can hit the road in style, save a few bucks and maybe even keep the planet around a little longer? With four fantastic models to choose from, the SoulVille series has something for everybody!

SoulVille/SS- single (or fixed) bliss!

SoulVille 3spd (mixte or "standard" frames available)- internally geared, simple, elegant and SO much fun to ride!

SoulVille 7spd- available in both Golden Green and Gloss Black in standard and mixte frame designs. Internal gears and coaster brake- low maintenance simplicity for urban living!

SoulVille 10spd- when you need more gear options and/ or want to ride a bit farther, the SoulVille 10 is a 10!



de-bug said...

Is it possible yet to even get a mixte? Every time I check with my LBS (and I've been waiting for a year and a half now), the mixte frames either are all spoken for or had a delay in manufacturing.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

de-bug; Well, you obviously have great taste (and patience). The demand has been so high for the mixte bikes that we've had a hard time keeping them in stock. Here's the deal; if the shop doesn't have an order in the system for a bike, they might not get one if they simply call in for one when you visit them. The bikes are shipped based on when the orders are placed, so if they don't have an order for one, they might not get one when they call looking. That said, we're increasing our production of them to meet the increasing demand.

de-bug said...

Thank you so much for that info. I'll ask the shop to put an order in the system for me.

I'm not surprised by the demand. I've only been able to find a handful of mixte frames sold in the US (and of course, I think the Soulville has the most beautiful lines). It seems most all manufacturers have neglected this area of the market (step through frame with attention to detail, design and components).

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

de-bug; Hey, you're more than welceom- that's why we're here... to help!

They've been great sellers for us and we've been very happy with the progress and development of the bikes.

In the end, we sincerely hope you end up on one of our bikes.

Anonymous said...

Cool helmet... what make/model is that?

P.S. I love my new Masi SoulVille SS

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

You obviously have great taste! The SS is one of my favorite bikes to ride- I love the bike.

The helmet is a simple Taiwan scooter helmet. It's heavy fiberglass and is kinda hot on the head, but you can't beat the looks!

justin said...

Wish I could find the 7 speed (or even last years 8 speed) locally to test and write about! Great looking bikes, would be nice in Portland.

Marcus A said...

Greetings from soon-to-be-sunny New Zealand!

I'm just about to get a SV 7 (or maybe an 8 - stock might be old!) from our dealer here and am looking forward to a summer of local trips to the shops, cafe etc.

I work at home so my commute is only 15 seconds and does not need a bike though...!

I wish it had the 9 speed hub though. Maybe if I win Lotto I will convert it to a Rholhoff 14!!