Sunday, July 26, 2009

International Masi Love

I just returned from a sales meeting in Melbourne Australia with our distributor there- Pacific Brands- and their retailers. It was a great visit, albeit short, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.

Being in Australia really helped to solidify the recognition of the fact that Masi is a global brand and that we have customers and fans around the world. The following emails and pictures push that fact home even further;
(From Bas in the Netherlands...)

Hey Tim,

A while ago you replied to my question about the size of a Speciale Sprint. I ended up ordering a 60cm and it took a few weeks to build it up, but I still owed you a few shots from it. Guess that for now it's still one of the very few Masi's in the European Union... :-)

For my work I travel around Europe and the bike happened to be finished just before a week long trip to southern Italy, so I decided to bring it along. When I took it out of it's travel bag on the sidewalk out front of the hotel the maitre d' of the hotel restaurant exclaimed "Spettacolare!", which is probably the best way to summarize how I feel about the bike.

There are still some minor cosmetical changes that I'd like to make to the bike (shortening the steerer tube, front wheel laced radially, etc.), but in general it's running as smooth as butter.

(From Mark Williamson, in Fremantle Australia)

Hi Tim

Just a quick message to say a big thanks for coming all the way over to the Pacific Brands 2010 trade show in Melbourne, it is not often that we get the chance to speak to the guys behind the product we sell. Not sure if you would remember me as you would have spoken to allot of store owners that day. I was the guy that suggested putting Campy Chorus or record on the Black steel _____ bike.

Any way the new range looks fantastic and my staff and I are looking forward the new models coming in store.

I have attached a picture of my pride and joy. I hope you like it ?

Many thanks again.

Regards Mark Williamson

Bike force Fremantle

Thanks to both Bas and Mark for helping to remind us of our (growing) international following. It's nice to step out of our little fishbowl once in awhile.



Anonymous said...

where did you find the coltello frame! there are none in canada and im trying to get my hands on one so i can build up a true track bike.. you know one that nobody i race against will ever have

Anonymous said...

Will the store ever be up on the website? I have looked for masi gear everywhere, even the dealers don't have anything. I need a Masi kit... preferably before winter.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

The store will be... promise. We're going to be updating the site with many enhancements and new products. We'll be getting the store working then as well.

The first "retro" jersey will be ready in about 8-10 weeks. The "team kit" will be ready shortly after when we complete the artwork designs.

Don't lose hope; we'll have you covered eventually... promise.