Friday, March 6, 2009

Team Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy rider bio; Chad Thompson

Now that team camp is over, it's time to start with the team rider bios so you can get to know the riders about the fastest bikes in the US peloton in 2009.

We'll kick things off with Chad Thompson. Chad is the team director/ owner of the team and one of the riders as well. I first met Chad 4 years ago at Interbike, as he was waiting to speak with another bike manufacturer about possible sponsorship of the team. Chad and his crew stopped in the Masi booth to basically kill time and a conversation started that eventually lead to Masi and his company, Inferno LLC, linking up and partnering together for the team.

Over the years, I can sincerely say that Chad has become more than a team director and sponsored athlete- I consider him a friend as well.

Here's your chance to get to know him better too;

Name: - Chadwick (Chad) Thompson Nicknames = Wick, CAT, The Chad, Hanging Chad, and recently "Bossman".

Date of Birth/Age - September 17, 1972 / 36 years old.

Birthplace - Born in Erie, PA and raised in San Jose, CA (moved to Ohio in late 1997).

Hometown/Area of Residence - Currently Northeast Ohio (Macedonia, between

Cleveland and Akron). The team is actually based here, and not Columbus. Semantics.

Years Racing - 23 years with 8 year break from actual competition.

Years Professional - 3

Rider Style/Specialty - Sprinter.

Bike Size - 54 cm (very short legs for a 6 footer!).

Cycling Role Model/Inspiration - Currently Tom Boonen (for obvious sprinter and partier qualities) and El Gato (Johnny Sundt) of Kelly Benefits - good friend, hardcore worker and I love his nickname!

Favorite Kenda Pro Cycling Product - That's easy, the C2C tire for the road and the Small Block 8s for crossin'.

Favorite Race - Nevada City Classic. Never won it. And, National Points Race Championships. I have won it.

Favorite Quote - Not everyone can be heroes. There need to be people to wave at us as we go by." - FDNY quote from 9/11.

Favorite Song - "Fade to black" by Mettalica. Morbid, I know, but hey, I like it.

Favorite Book - DaVinci Code. Trendy, I know, but it started my fascination with masons and such.

Favorite Movie - Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

Favorite Food/Beverage - It’s a tie between Sushi and Mexican! / Great Lakes Brewery Dortmunder Gold (beer).

Accolades - Former National and CA state Points Race Champion (long, long ago). That's about it.

Own Website - Starting a blog called "All Fired Up!" to tie our team, web-site, ad campaign and myself altogether. Should be interesting.

Anything else you'd like others to know about you . - I am a proud father to my daughter, Mackenzie, loyal husband and I am also the boss dammit! (Inside joke with the team/fellas).

Favorite place on the planet - Ibiza, Spain. I cannot elaborate.

Favorite web-site - MasiGuy ( and (, duh.

Occupation other than cycling, if any - Full-time Firefighter and SWAT Medic, Full-time daddy and the head honcho (or so I am told) of this little team.

(More bios to follow very soon.)


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