Monday, March 9, 2009

1st Race of the year...

Over the weekend I got to have my first crack at a race. I have been pretty tired after our camp so I have just been cruising trying to get back on top of things. Started feeling a little better towards the end of the week so I thought I would give the race a go.

A super hard 6 mile circuit with crazy strong winds. And of course it had to finish up a climb that hit 18%... fun fun. The rest of the course was real rolling and it ended up being right under 3000 ft of climbing for the day. Ouch. Anyway there were only around 20 guys starting so there would be no where to hide. The race was super aggressive as Jeremy Grimm from RGF was there and attacking as usual. We had 8 cracks at the hill and with 4 to go 4 of us split away over the top. We rolled pretty good and stayed away. I had been feeling pretty average all day but was hoping the fitness and all the training would help at some point. The last lap was super aggressive but no one could get away. The 4 of us came to the hill together and I sat 2nd wheel.. About halfway up one of the riders cracked and then I noticed Jeremy wasn't looking so good on my wheel so I hit out and rode away from them all to net my 1st win of the year.

Pretty happy I made it through it as I did not feel real good. Haven't really gone that hard yet this year and it was a bit of shock to the body.. guess I had to do it at some point! Was a great day as my wonderful wife made the trip with me and got to see me win my 1st race of the year!

Win number 1.

Team Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy rider- Marco Aledia

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