Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Is it time to race yet?

One of the coolest days of the year for me is when the shipment (or shipments) of team frames shows up. We're very, very proud to be the bike sponsor of the Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy
cycling team. Today we received the special Team Edition versions of the 3VC Team Issue framesets for the team. Late last week we also received the Coltello Aero framesets.

A year's worth of FAST!

Oh so lovely!

The view most riders in the US domestic pro peloton will be seeing.

Here's a shot of the front of the bike, for those pro's curious to know what the front of the bikes look like.

The Coltello Aero frames... OH SO PRETTY!

I didn't kiss them all... really, I didn't...

Keep in mind, the only thing different between the frames the team rides and the ones you buy is that their frames have a few different decals on them... that's it. They get the same sweet treatment you do. Whether it's carbon or aluminum, what they get and what you get is identical- meaning you get the same awesome frames that the team will be racing to many victories in 2009.

Bring on the race season!



Luminous Ferret said...

Does this mean the common man edition team frames will be in the shops soon?

Bernie said...

Those are some great-looking bikes. Here's to another banner year for Masi Bikes in the U.S. Peloton!

Screaming Monkey said...

In a show of solidarity, I will admit that I to have on one occasion, kissed my Boulder SE. I won't say where I kissed it.... but I kissed it.

S. Monkey