Friday, June 12, 2009

RFK Criterium

Pretty cool race around RFK Stadium in the Capital City. 1.2 mile course and flat as a pancake. Kenda rode great and we were active the whole race. We lined it up perfect at the end for yours truly but with 1 lap to go I flatted. Had great legs today and was in search of a great result. That's racing!

Chad B rode great and was top 10. After the race we spun around DC and did some sight seeing. We ran into the big motorcycle parade which was super cool. Its really cool to see everything in DC. Every time I come here I still get overwhelmed with the history and patriotism all around. What a feeling!

We packed up the car in route to Somerville and scooped Ty up in Philly on the way. A nice team dinner and now time for bed.

Feeling a bit under the weather for some reason tonight. Feel like I got a bit of a bug as well as my allergies being bad. Good nights rest should cure it.

Tour of Somerville tomorrow. Great race with lots of history. Time for some rest and I look for great things tomorrow.

(Note; A little bit of a time warp here- this post was originally written by Marco Aledia back in late May, but just showed up! Ah, the joys of technology!)

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