Tuesday, June 30, 2009

An early Christmas! Bellissima is here!

We're not one to jump into "fads", so we like to take our time to investigate, listen and learn. We've been evaluating what has been happening in the market for the past few years, relative to the constant growth and evolution of the "women's specific" products out in the world. Some of what we've seen is really good and some is not as good- just like anything else in the world, there are "winners and losers".

We've taken our very stable, sturdy and reliable frame platforms used on the Alare and Gran Corsa bikes and have put our own twist on creating what we're proud to call our new Bellissima series of bikes.

The prevailing logic behind most bikes marketed to women is usually broken down into these simple words; "shrink and pink". Though it makes things easy to explain, it isn't exactly the best way to make a bike fit or ride well. The other drawback is that not every woman is shaped like every other woman, not do they all like pink. Ladies- help me out here.

Some of you gals have longer legs and shorter torsos- which is what has become the default basis for bikes designed for women. But that isn't the case for all of you, is it? See, the thing is, you ladies are no different than men- outside of the glaringly obvious ways- and come in all different shapes and sizes. If we're willing to accept that proper bike fit for a man requires a little time to set up, why would we simply expect to pull a small pink bike out of a box and assume it is "perfect" for a woman?

Using our Alare and Gran Corsa frames, and now a new smaller 48cm size of the current 3VC 105, we have created some options that are not just great for women but for any rider looking for a smaller bike. Rather than compromising geometries that we love so much and trust, we've added narrower handlebars, zero offset seatposts, shorter stems and brake/ shift levers with shorter reach. This creates an overall shorter/ smaller cockpit without requiring the use of geometries that place the rider too far forward or with head angles that create sloppy handling.

Gran Corsa Bellissima- Cielo Blue

Alare Bellissima- New Pearl White

Alare Bellissima- Rosa Pink (for thos who DO like pink!)

Here's the point; we want ALL of our bikes to handle and ride "like a Masi" because after all- it's all about the ride!

When you combine these new models with the step-through mixte options available with our SoulVille line, we've assembled a nice offering of bikes from race to relaxation. The all new Alare Bellissima and Gran Corsa Bellissima have just arrived and they are ready to ride! See your local retailer for details and get your hands on one of the sweetest new bikes on the market.


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Anonymous said...

Nice to see for smaller riders such as my daughter. Look forward to seeing it at my LBS.

Mike in Austin