Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Masi Speciale Randonneur in Iowa

Yesterday we received a great email from Vaughan in New Zealand about his happiness with his Speciale CX and today we hear from Bill Graves and his happiness with his Speciale Randonneur;

Masi Guy,

I just want to post a little story about my SPECIALE RANDONNEUR and the TransIowa race I took it on the first week of May 2009.

There are many things about TransIowa but one of them is not smooth surface asphalt pavement (except for maybe 5-10% of the total 320 mile route). I struggled for 6 months in choosing which type of bike to take on this adventure and the final decision was made just 3 weeks before race date. I was visiting Dayton, Ohio and stopped in at a local bike shop and took the Speciale CX out and deemed it the bike that would take me to Iowa.

I drove back home and headed off to my local bike shop that stocks Masi in search of the CX. What I found was the Randonneur instead and was I happy about that. I know the CX would have been a fine steed to take along on my adventure but next summer my friend and I are planning a long cross country trip and that swayed me to make the final “Touring” bike decision.

I did a little post fabrication work – took off the fenders, added a rear rack (which saved my rear end from dropping out at mile 80 because of poor planning on my part!), put some larger tires on it, and hit the road.

Although I did not complete the race: 320 miles, non-stop, non-supported, cue sheets for directions, and on gravel or B level maintenance roads (website: http://transiowa.blogspot.com/) – my bike did not fail me. I am supremely pleased with the decision to purchase the Masi Speciale Randonneur and look forward to many comfortable miles upon it!

Enclosed is a picture of the bike with my breakfast at a
local gas station in North English, Iowa.

She served her purpose beyond expectation and I look forward to the return next year and hopefully a successful journey!

Thanks for making such a great bike!

Bill Graves

I'd have to agree with Bill here- the Randonneur IS a great bike!

We love getting emails and testimonials like this. We kinda live in a bubble here at Masi Global World Domination Headquarters- we believe in each and every bike we create and think they're all pretty incredible, but hearing from those of you who have the bikes "in the field" makes our work that much more rewarding. So really, the thanks come from us... THANK YOU!



Michael Baker said...

I'm glad to hear you're loving the Randonneur. After beholding its beauty on the Masi site, I wanted to see one in person and take it for a test ride right away. Since southern California isn't exactly a hot-spot for randonneuring though, my local shops didn't have one in stock. Whites Bikes (in Moreno Valley) and Masi are awesome, however, and they brought one into the shop in my size specifically for me to try within a week! It was amazing, but I think the Alare is more in-line with my needs at the moment. I'll tell you what though, as soon as I have the time off for a long bike tour up the coast, the Speciale Randonneur is the bike I'll be riding.

Piston Legs said...

This bike is awesome! It is decked out with everything I would want out of a tour bike. Bar end shifters, long chainstays, higher bb height, fenders, and it looks good. There is only one thing I would reconsider and that would be the double compact crankset. After doing multiple TransAm tours and week tours around home there is no way that a person would feel as comfortable climbing a 8%+ grade with 40+ lbs. of gear (making the bike 62 lbs.) with a double. Please Masi Guy consider putting a triple (30,40,52)on this bike. The 52 would also make it nice when descending going over 50 mph. This, however, is my only complaint about about this bike.

HungryBoy said...


I'd be curious to hear how you would compare this bike with the Surly Long-Haul Trucker, for roughly the same money.

Are there tasks for which one would be better than the other?

How would they compare?


Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

HungryBoy- wow, that's a good comparison. The two bikes are very similar in personality, but they get the job done slightly differently. The LHT is a great bike- we're big fans of the folks over at Surly, so we like being in a comparison with them. The LHT has a a more traditional touring background with all the extra braze-ons. The Randonneur is built off of our Commuter frame, so it isn't quite as long in the wheelbase and is slightly "sportier" in it's handling traits.

Think of it this way- the LHT is more suited to ultra-loaded touring and the Randonneur is capable of the job, but is more designed for "light touring" duties.

Hope that helps!

HungryBoy said...

Thanks Tim, yes, that was very helpful.

I just recently got a Masi Speciale Commuter (orange creamsicle, 56cm) and I LOVE it. It fit me perfectly, better than any bike I've had (including my road bike), right out of the box.

So there is would be a LOT of appeal to having a bike that fit exactly the same.

I actually have a question about my Speciale. I'll email you, since it's not relevant to this thread...

Anonymous said...

I'm interested in what piston said.
I too would like to know if there are plans for a triple next year on the tour bike. I'm a Masi Man myself already and would like to stay with what I already like.