Monday, May 4, 2009

Masi at Tour de Romandie

Masi is a global brand and we're happily growing that sphere of influence/ domination. We make products that we're very excited about and proud of. In fact, we make products that many people enjoy and love... even Pro Tour riders at the recent Tour de Romandie;

On the podium...

Notice the Francaise de Jeux rider checking out the Masi- obviously wishing he could ride it.

You can almost hear the smile on his face.

Looks like the right size!

See how happy he is?

Even skinny climbers like nice bikes!

I'll bet they're asking him why he thinks the Masi is the best bike ever made.

Throw a little green in that team kit and it's a perfect match!

"Finally! A bike I can love!"

You can see how much he enjoys riding the bike. He seems so happy!

You can tell by all the smiles on the faces of the riders that they are happy to get to ride such a fine machine... finally. At Masi, we believe in sharing the love with riders everywhere around the world... even pro riders on non-Masi teams.

Extra special thanks to Steph and Phil from PIMP in Switzerland for getting the pictures for us. Steph is the happy owner of the Mini-Velo and the one so proudly riding it and showing it off all across Switzerland. THANK YOU!


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Anonymous said...

Hilarious joke guys! April fools jokes work year-round.