Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What's your frame of mind?

There is something so gratifying and personally fulfilling, as a bike nut, about getting a nice frameset and then selecting each and every component yourself. Whether you build it yourself in your garage (or kitchen, like me) or walk into your favorite local bike shop with your arms full of parts and a frame around your neck, there is just something about knowing that the bike you ride is of your own creation.

We're exceedingly proud of each and every complete bike we make and sell, but we're also very proud of the frames we sell- either as the chassis of one of our complete bikes or as a special, stand alone frameset.The Coltello is the ultimate in track racing performance. The geometry is designed specifically for racing on the steep banking of the world's fastest tracks... or sprinting through the hectic traffic of any city street in the world. Trust us when we say it's fast; it was ridden last year by track Omnium World Champion Hayden Godfrey of New Zealand and was ridden to a US Collegiate National Championship in the Kilo and Omnium by Bennet van der Genugten.
Here's the Speciale Sprint- carefully crafted with Reynolds 631 tubing in the exact same geometry as the Coltello. If steel is your thing, then this is your ride! Retro cool with total performance in mind.
Maybe you love our CXR bike, but have always wondered what it would look like draped in a SRAM or Campagnolo group, rather than Shimano. Or maybe you want to race at the highest level of the sport and want to bolt it up with new Dura Ace or Ultegra parts and a nice set of carbon wheels and cross sew-ups... then look no further. The CXR is race ready and designed to pick its way through the muck or dust and deliver you to the finish line in fine style.

The guys on the Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy cycling team have been putting the 3VC Team Issue frame to the test for 3 years now and they have racked up an impressive list of wins along the way. With some of the best sprinters in the business, the frame clearly has the stiffness to produce speed with your power. Maybe you like going up climbs too? If so, the 3VC Team Issue has the weight- or lack of- to help you get to the top quickly. Best of all, the 3VC frame delivers on the promise of carbon- light, stiff and buttery smooth. It's the perfect balance of all the things you want in a carbon frame. Grab your favorite parts and create your own masterpiece!

Here's the thing; frame demand continues to grow and we've finally got all 4 models in stock! If you've been hankering to create something uniquely yours, now is the perfect time to put on your Product Manager hat and create your own perfect build. You will not be disappointed if you do!


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