Thursday, April 9, 2009

Masi on CSI: New York

And the hits keep coming!

Last night, episode 20 of CSI: New York- Prey- aired. One of the cases in the episode revolves around the bike polo team, the Brooklyn Bruisers. Two Masi bikes are used in the scene at the actual bike polo match- a Metallic Yellow Speciale Fixed and a Root Beer Speciale CX. It's pretty darned cool.
Howard at Athena Cycles was the man who provided the bikes to the show and we're mighty happy he did!

If you check out the League of Bike Polo blog, you can read some of the details of the filming of the episode and see the camera mounted to the Metallic Yellow Speciale Fixed. Some pretty cool stuff there.

The thing that makes us most proud is that the shows that have been using Masi bikes are doing so on their own- nobody from the shows has contacted us, they've made the smart choices all on their own! (Who says TV rots your brain?)


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