Thursday, April 2, 2009

Masi everywhere!

So much has been happening here and everywhere with Masi lately. Frankly, it's hard to keep track of it all. If it's hard for us, I'm sure it's hard for you too. So, in order to make it a little easier for you all, here are a few highlights worth knowing about;

David L'Heureux of wrote an excellent review of the Masi Speciale CX after an extended product test this winter.

Note; one small correction- the saddle is a standard vinyl saddle and not actual leather... but it's a testament to the finish of the saddle that David was tricked into thinking it was real leather!

Thanks again to both and David for the review and the opportunity for us to showcase this wonderful bike. It's a winner for all the reasons he points out. It has a very stable geometry and rides like a dream. It serves as a very suitable cross bike for those who itch for the feel of steel and also pulls double duty as a nimble little light-duty touring bike or commuting bike. It's a great multi-tool in a busy world.

Masi is also developing some cool celebrity credibility too... sorta...

The Masi Vincere makes a semi-cameo appearance on the hit show House, on the upcoming episode called Locked In, set to air on April 6th here in the US. Actor/ musician/ rapper Mos Def rides the Vincere... but very sadly, it looks as though he suffers an accident. I am not sure of the cause, but there is speculation here that is was caused by wearing his cycling gloves upside down. I'm no doctor (and I don't play one on TV), but I'm fairly sure that the discomfort of having his gloves on upside down lead to him being so distracted that he had an untimely accident.

All kidding aside, it's mighty cool to be on such a successful television show- even if only for a few seconds. Now, if we could just get on the Grammys or Oscars... or underneath President Obama and his family! Set your VCR, DVR, Tivo or whatever to record episode 19 on April 6th!

A nod to Cap and Candace over at Palms Cycle in Los Angeles for working with the studio to get Masi on the show and not some other brand- kudos to you!

We're lucky to be in other places and in more news and we'll keep sharing that information with you... so stay tuned to this channel for more!


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