Sunday, March 15, 2009

Behind the scenes of Training Camp

Team camp is the first time and one of the only times every one on the team gets together in one location. Bikes are built, riders fitted, equipment handed out, photos taken, and most importantly, riders and staff bonding.

Tennyson, the Head Mechanic, and I, primarily did the first thing on that list, building bikes. While some bikes were already built before camp, there were plenty others waiting to get built. We both worked hard, doing 16+ hour days, building up bikes, doing fine adjustments, solving problems, all while trying to meet everyone (actually they all came to us, how nice) and remembering to get something to eat and drink. We did not have the luxury of sleep, as riders were waiting on us to get their bikes built so they could get fitted. We would get a few hours of sleep here and there and relied on the mechanic's best friend, caffeine to keep us going.

Camp is also the time to get familiar with all the new equipment. For Tennyson, it meant most of the equipment. This is my second year with this team so I am familiar with most of the equipment, minus the new sponsors for 2009. Building a fleet of bikes also lets you know what new tools you need to buy or fabricate back home. Guys like us keep the Snap-on guy happy (or the tool truck guy of your choice)

Here's a shot of my personal toolbox. What's all in there? Well it varies by mechanic to mechanic, and if they are working neutral or on a team. For camp, you never know what you will encounter so I brought pretty much everything. Now tools will be subtracted and others added, but one thing's for sure, these tools will be working on the rockin' MASI's of Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy!

Many thanks to all the sponsors and supporters out there. Without out all of you, this program would not exist. Most importantly, thank you to Masi Bikes and Tim Jackson for the awesome bikes!

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