Friday, December 12, 2008

This is how we roll!

Well, technically it is how the Kenda Pro Cycling pb Spinergy professional cycling team rolls... but you can forgive my excitement I'm sure!

Dig the new team car!It would be a dramatic understatement to say that we are extremely proud to be the bicycle sponsor of the Kenda Pro Cycling team for the 4th year now. Since the team's humble professional and elite debut three years ago to the new and improved UCI Continental team, we have always been a very proud sponsor of the team and look forward to watching the wins continue to roll in.

Watch this list of riders throughout the year and see just how much damage the team does on the domestic calendar this year!

UCI Continental Pro Roster:
- Chad Burdzilauskas
- Jaime Gandara
- Bennet van der Genugten
- Remi McManus
- Benjamin Renkema
- Jacob Rytlewski
- Tyler Stanfield
- Timothy Swain
- Scottie Weiss
- Matthew Winstead

USAC Elite Roster:
- Marco Aledia
- James Baldesare
- Jeffrey Braumberger
- Ryan Gamm
- Richard Harper
- Ryan Rish
- Russell Stevenson
- Chadwick Thompson

Stay tuned for more updates on the team thoughout the season- rider profiles, rider posts to the site, video and more!


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