Thursday, October 16, 2008

We're in business again!

After a little "glitch" last night into this early afternoon, the new Masi website is back again.

Even though we're here and prettier than ever, this new site is still something of a work in progress. We're functional, but we're gonna be getting better each day.

Under Construction

Your feedback is critical to us, since this site is here to serve you- not just for us to talk about how great we think the bikes are... we're hoping to hear you talk about how great the bikes are! With that in mind, please email your comments or suggestions (or corrections) directly to me- Tim Jackson; tjackson (at) MasiBikes (dot) com.

We're just getting started here and the continued evolution is going to be an exciting one. So join us in creating the next chapter in the Masi legend.



Nelson said...

Can you add an archive page of your bikes (discontinue models) to include geometry? Thanks. Love your bikes.

Smelley said...

Superbly upgraded site. Gorgeous.

Darrin said...

Nice improvement!

Russ Stringfellow said...
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Jason said...

Tim this is looking great!
We are also in the process of switching
over and improving our site.
Panther City Bicycles


Nice to see Masi website has ungraded as I always confused that whether there is something happened in Masi?Now I am so happy to see such a legendly brand still healthy and make progress.
I am looking for a triathlon bike,but I find two kinds of Masi,one is in silver color and the other in red(just the one shown on website).I wonder if the silver one is a real Masi??Because I can only find that one here.
Can I know the difference between them?
Thanks a lot.

Luminous Ferret said...

What happened to the History of Masi section? That makes a good read.

Luminous Ferret said...

And aesthetically, blogs are usually not on the front page of a web site. They are usually tucked inside accesible via a tab or link from the front page. I'm still conflicted if this unusual arrangemnt is good or bad although I am leaning toward it making the site look cluttered.

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Nelson- we're working on it. We plan to have PDF downloads of the older catalogs available soon.

Smelley/ Darrin- Thanks! We're hoping to create a more interactive and "dynamic" website. It seems to be the evolution of company websites- more interactive and less "broadcast".

Jason- it's such a major undertaking, so I understand and feel your pain. But thanks for the praise and good luck!

Name I can't read or copy (sorry)- thanks. We are very much still around and we are making new history all the time. As for the triathlon bike- the first one we made two years ago was in the silver color. Not much has changed since then and the components are nearly identical. The red pictured here is the newest version.

Luminous Ferret- The Masi history may come back, though it is available all over the internet in many places. I may put up a post here that covers a lot of that history as well. As for the blog on the home page... we're playing with this look and refining all the time, but we're committed to creating something more dynamic that creates a community, rather than a static site that simply shovels out a canned message. We want to involve fans of the brand and give them a home- hopefully it works.

Luminous Ferret said...

Well, here's the best thing about this site. Tim responds to the comments. Very cool!

Tim Jackson- Masi Guy said...

Luminous ferret- I'm gonna try to reply to them all as best I can, I promise... but I acknowledge now that it will be hard, especially when traveling. But I'll be trying.